Depending on the source, we either believe it or seek out more information. And, it’s the same for user-generated reviews and content (UGC) online. If we are looking at a purchase, we want to know more from the people who have already bought and tried it.

When it comes to buying, people look for reviews, videos, or photos from other people who have purchased and used the product. Shoppers feel that other customers have no ulterior motives and, therefore it must be legitimate.

70% of consumers believe peer recommendations above professionally written brand copy.

For eCommerce merchants, positive user recommendations and ratings are the Holy Grail of advertising. But, with so many social media and email marketing channels, how do you go about finding and curating good reviews?

Fortunately, we have a solution to this problem for you.

Gather, Curate, and Manage All UGC From A Single Platform

Our solution is a user-generated content marketing platform. 

We leverage content throughout the buyer’s journey which increases brand awareness and sales. And the combination of technology, integrations, and partnerships with Facebook, Google, and WooCommerce makes it easy for users to operate and manage the application.

Using data science, our chosen solution platform generates up to 9 times more customer reviews and content than any other User-Generated Content (UGC) solution. Some of the tools they use are:

Smart Algorithm – precisely determines which products to request reviews for, and when.

Algorithm-backed Reminders – Sends an email reminder to your customers to leave a review at the perfect moment.

Data Science – Emails customers at the right time.

Review Request Emails – Proprietary technology consistently gives 40-50% email open rates and 6-11% review response rates.

SMS – Targets customers directly through SMS avoiding potentially ending up in their spam folder through email.

The target market is real people, not businesses or demographic groups. User-generated content is people talking to other people.

The Value of Social Proof

Are you aware of just how influential and valuable UGC is? According to a recent survey,

“On average, 55% of customers engage with UGC before making a purchase.”

And, it’s even higher with younger shoppers under 30. In a recent report, 97% of shoppers aged 18 to 29 said that peer reviews had an “extreme influence” over their buying decision.

Online Reviews and Ratings Turn Customers into Advocates

It’s no secret that UGC reviews are powerful motivators that drive sales. Studies on customer reviews made on 6,623 products. 94% of purchases were for products that had an average rating of 4 stars and above.

Customer reviews can help you convert those customer reviews into sales. Reviews can be collected through a community Q&A, review request emails, SMS review requests, on-site widgets, and customer rewards for submitting feedback.

Customer content can be displayed in intentional ways to drive sales such as a review section on the home page, star ratings displayed under products, and at checkout to upsell products.

Users can view their UGC performance analytics to see exactly which data collection methods work best for their bottom line. Data such as conversion rates, revenue & spending, ROI, and much more can be accessed directly through Advanced Analytics Dashboards.

One advantage of using star ratings, customers can find more highly rated products before they check out, increasing the likelihood of additional purchases and boosting your average order value (AOV). 

Improves ROI on Paid Channels Google & Facebook Partnerships

Marketing Strategy Channels Screenshot from YotPot System

Our solution leverages strategic partnerships with Google and Facebook, making it easy for the ratings and review widget to include star ratings in both Google AdWords and Product Listing Ads. The app can automatically build Facebook campaigns with your UGC.

Social proof has a tremendous impact on your eCommerce marketing. 25% of the world uses one or more social media platforms, with Facebook leading the pack at 1.6 billion users. 

Our solution collects billions of behavioral data points, and artificial intelligence optimizes every step of the buyer’s journey, from content generation to distribution through all channels.

Leveraging and Generating Social Proof for More Conversions

Example of Social Conversions by Yotpo

Large social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others create a network effect and have incredible power to expand awareness.

Our customer review solution is in a unique position to leverage UGC in both paid and organic Google search results. By exploiting all the social media outlets, eCommerce companies benefit from more significant exposure and reviews.

Reap the Advantages of Instagram With our Customer Review Solution

Instagram Integration Screenshot Over Blue Background

Pictures paint a thousand words making Instagram the perfect product marketing platform. Our solution integrates with a merchant’s Instagram account allowing placement of user-generated photos, content, and star ratings to create effective ads. Instagram’s engagement rate is the highest of any social media. Combining Instagram ads with our Customer Review solution UGC and photos generates four times as many clicks at 50% less cost. By setting up a Shoppable Instagram, make it easier for shoppers to buy from your store.

Customers who write reviews are four times as likely to make another purchase increasing brand loyalty. Timely response to negative reviews resolves the issues immediately before they can spread like wildfire on social media and helps to humanize your brand.

Happy customers are your best marketers.

Use our customer review solution to let them strengthen your brand with their voice.

If you need help integrating a customer review solution into your digital marketing strategy let us assist you with that and start growing your brand.

Speak to us today!

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