This idea begins to scratch the surface of why using one integrated marketing agency is a more ideal avenue than working with multiple vendors. And the list, as we’ll show you, goes on.

Benefit #1: Streamlined Communications

When working with multiple marketing agencies, communication can sometimes feel like a game of telephone (even when it happens over email). As information is passed between one agency and another — with you often playing middle man — you can find yourself trying to help address any questions or concerns between the various parties to effectively execute initiatives.

Partnering with an integrated marketing agency builds the foundation for better communication. Not only will you minimize the number of conversations that need to happen around integrated marketing campaigns, but working with a single agency helps ensure everyone is on the same page throughout its duration. This ultimately translates into greater efficiencies and, in turn, faster results.

Benefit #2: Greater Consistency

Working with one integrated marketing agency naturally lends itself to a more consistent brand story. With the same team driving your digital marketing initiatives across different channels, your brand will develop a stronger voice and look that evokes a response from your audience.

Having a consistent brand strategy in place also helps keep your digital marketing goals and KPIs aligned. With campaigns operating under one umbrella, it’s easier to measure the results of your efforts as well as gain insights to inform further tests and ways to optimize your strategy.

Benefit #3: More Cost-Effective

In the debate between hiring a full-time marketer versus hiring a digital marketing agency, there is a clear winner in terms of cost savings — alongside recruitment, training and additional overhead costs). When you trade in multiple agencies for a single partner, you’ll move the needle even further in the right direction.

On the surface, you’ll save on management fees tied to individual agencies as well as the administrative costs associated with maintaining these relationships and processing invoices. Beyond that, you’ll develop a deeper partnership with the one integrated marketing agency that helps them gain the history and expertise they need to drive greater efficiencies and curb costs.

Benefit #4: Room for Scalability

The reason you first come to a digital marketing agency may be a website redesign. But once that redesign is complete, you might be so inspired by the results that you capitalize on this success with additional ongoing marketing services like search engine optimization and email marketing.

With a full-service digital marketing agency in your corner, the transition to scale your efforts is simple. Rather than searching for new vendors to accommodate your growing needs, you can work with a partner who already understands your brand, your business, and your objectives. You can rest assured in the quality of the agency work, without the time and headache of vetting new agencies to grow with you.

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